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Govardhana Hill in Ramayana

According to Adi Varaha Purana, during the advent of Shri Ramachandra, monkeys and bears all brought large rocks and stones from many places to construct a bridge across the ocean. Hanuman also received the order from Shri Ramachandra to help build the bridge. Hanuman uprooted Govardhana from Uttaranchal, but while carrying him to the ocean he heard a divine sound that announced, 

"The ocean bridge is now complete. No more rocks are required."

Hearing this, Hanuman became some sad and put down Shri Giriraja here, where he stands today. Giriraja also became unhappy and said to Hanuman, 

"You have deprived me of the touch of Shri Rama's lotus feet. I will curse you."

"Please forgive me," Hanuman replied. "

In the next Dvapara yug, your desire will be fulfilled. At that time, the Supreme Lord Shri Krishna will stop the worship of Indra and worship you instead. Angered, Indra will try to destroy Braj by unleashing his thunderbolt and by sending torrential rains. At this time, Krishna will hold you on His hand to protect Braj. In this way He will fulfil your desire.

" Upon saying this, Hanuman leapt into the air and arrived at Shri Ramachandra side by the aerial pathways.
After narrating the whole incident to Him, Shri Ramachandra said, 

"All the rocks that have been assembled to build the bridge have been delivered by the touch of My feet. But I shall fulfil the desires of Govardhana by holding him on My hand and touching him with My whole body. At the close of Dvapara-yug, I shall take birth in the dynasty of the Yadus and make Govardhana famous as the best servant of Hari by herding the cows with My sakhas on his slopes and by enjoying with My beloved gopis in his kunjas."


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Thirukoshtiyur, derived from its native name Thirukotiyur. During Kritha yuga, Rishis, devas and people were tortured, anguished by the asura Hiranyakashipu as the vengeance for Hiranyaksha's death in hands of Lord Vishnu in the form of Varaha Avatar. Devas, Rishis approached Brahma and Shiva for the solution. In response Brahma, Shiva, all devas, Saptha Rishis decided to meet at one place to discuss regarding. Finally all chose Thirukotiyur as the spot. Together they came like a group and so the name came as Thirukoshtiyur, koshti means in group or as a team.

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Birth of Evil or Divine


The deity mars has four arms. He has a hairy body. The small hairs of the body are red in colour. In his hands are mace and Trident and rest of the two hands are raised in the postures of bestowing fearlessness and blessings. He has a golden crown on his head and his vehicle is a lamb. He is attired in red coloured apparels and had red garlands in his neck.

In the 'Kalpa' of Varah' when Hiranyaksha, the elder brother of Hiranyakshipu had abducted the earth Lord Vishnu had taken incarnation as a boar and had rescued the earth by killing Hiranyaksha. Mother earth became very pleased after seeing lord Vishnu and had a desire to have him as her husband.
In his incarnation as a boar lord Vishnu's radiance was as dazzling illuminating and unbearable as crores of Suns. Lord Vishnu transformed his appearance into his enchanting form to fulfill the wish of the presiding deity of the earth and lived with earth for one year in aloofness. This way the birth of Mars took place (Brahmavaivarta Puran 2/8/29 to 43). 

Note : Evil is Not Completely Evil and Divine is not Completely Divine 

It Depends on 

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